Welcome to Nonidoo family !

Sooo, here we are at last, a few days away from spreading our news to all of you 🙂

We are so glad to have reached this point and we can’t wait to see what’ll happen’ from now on.

Nonidoo was born out of LOVE, as I’ve said before, our great love for Noni and Dudu, our beautiful and amazing children, who have given us all the strenght and power to create this beautiful items and share them with the whole world. And also, Nonidoo means the awesome love they have for each other, which, for me, as their mother, is everything I ever wanted.

The story begins almost a year ago, when our elder son, Tudor, was beginning to understand that his life will never be the same and his sister, Antonia, will be a part of it…forever. He was not for a second gelous of her, but it started to make sense to him what having a sibbling means.

When he was about 3 years old and began to speak clearly, he couldn’t say his name as “Tudor”, but kept saying Dudu when talikng about himself..and everyone start calling him Dudu, including us.

After Antonia was born, he was absolutely in love with her, he would always take care of her, caress her, hold her hand…and eventually he started calling her Noni, as a nickname for Antonia….and, as you probably imagine, we all call her Noni ever since.

So, after we decided to start this family business, I kept trying to find a proper name for our brand, a name that had to sound nice, but also to represent something for us…and one day, while having a moment of peace with my morning coffee, I was watching them play together. Dudu started to take Noni into his arms and help her with some toys..and then it hit me : our brand name must be their names, because they represent the purest and most innocent love that can ever exist.

That’s our little story. You will see them in our photos, on our Social Media accounts, on our website, everywhere…because they are the heart and soul of Nonidoo. And I really hope you will enjoy this journey together with us.

Because you are now a member of Nonidoo family, and we are so glad you’ve decided to join us!

Follow our posts and I promise we’ll have interesting stuff for all of you, mommies, babies, little children, even dads 🙂


Mother of Nonidoo Antonia1 (39)